Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Picture obsessed!...I need your help!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I LOVE taking pictures of Jordan. If you are a usual blog stocker of mine, then you know that 99% of my entries are about Jordan and showing off pictures of him.
Right now there is a contest for a beautiful baby on Live with Regis and Kelly. Once I submit the pic, you can check it out on their website. I think they will also open up voting for the finalists....if we get that far I will let you know:) There are some cute kids already on there...I don't envy the judges and the decision they are going to have to make!
I need to take/pick a picture by Feb 13th to submit. I have gone into picture mode the last few days (poor Jordan). I'm bound and determined to take/find the cutest picture of Jordan, submit it and win. That would have been so much easier a few months ago. Now Jordan will not sit still for me. It is almost impossible to get that perfect picture that captures his personality perfectly.
While I was trying to take his pic every so often he would get up and run away!

This is where your help is needed! I need everyones input on what pic to use. I'm not sure if I should go with a staged photo, one of him being goofy, serious, etc. Below are a few pics I have taken the past few days....let me know what you think and what I should use!




Here are some cute bloopers! Unless you think any of these would be great.........

It looks like he is going to pounce and get me:)

So please...I need your help. I need to know if one of these pics will work, or if I need to keep trying :)

It was nice, come nap time he was out! I guess taking pics is tough work for a little guy:)

The last few nights....

The last few days have been fun. We haven't gone anywhere, we have just stayed home and enjoyed family.
Two nights ago Oliver had to have a bath, and Jordan thought it was great.

Here is Glen and Jordan trying to coax Oliver in for his bath...Oliver is no dumby!

Jordan wanted to get in with him:)
Last night we made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Ever since Christmas time, when I was baking quite a bit, and I let Jordan see how the mixer worked, I can't use it without him. Hopefully this willingness to help will continue on for years to come!

Jordan helping me poor in the mix.....

sampling the mix.....

....and helping with clean up!
Also, just one other cute pic. This morning we had our usual routine. Get up, watch cartoons, drink juice and eat cereal. Well, I went in to get some cereal, when I came back in the room Jordan had decided that he wanted to sit on the arm of the couch...funny kid. I guess cartoons are better when you have a cool place to sit!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Family outings

Lights at Temple Square

The last few years we have missed going to Temple Square to see the lights. This year we made the effort to see them. It was really nice. We originally planned on going with my family. My parents had forgotten that they had a work party, so we picked up my brother's and my sister and still went.

First we started out at Randy & Megan's place for dinner! Then we headed downtown.

Jordan's all bundled up and ready to go!!!

Our cute little family

My brother's & Sister

Me, Madison & Megan

The lights were beautiful!
Jordan walking with Auntie M and Wyatt
Jordan wanted to push his own stroller!
Jordan pointing at all of the beautiful lights and then looking at the water with Auntie M!
It would have been a perfect evening, except Jordan was so tired and grouchy. As you can see in the picture, Glen was giving me the evil eye...aka, we better go NOW look! We got a later start than we had wanted, so we got there at his bedtime. Plus, put his tiredness together with his stubbornness to do everything himself....just say there were a few trying times throughout the night. Overall it was time we will have to go a little earlier:)

Festival of Trees

Every year we like to go to the Festival of Trees. Usually we go on the last night, that way we get to see the Salt Lake Scott's (I have a thing with bagpipes!). This year with our hectic schedules we had to go the first night, which seemed much busier than the last night.

We went with Randy and Megan. We had a great time. The trees and gingerbread houses were amazing. Plus not to mention the reasoning behind the festival of trees....which I can't manage to walk through without getting teary-eyed at least a dozen times!

Here were some of our favorites.....

I've tried making a gingerbread house before, ya, it didn't look anything like this!

I use to love to play Candy Land! I thought it was awesome! It makes me want to track down our old game and play again....your never too old for Candy Land!

The Japanese tree and Golf Club tree...very neat.

And of course I have to throw in a picture of the Twilight Tree!

Again, we got a later start that we had wanted, so Jordan was tired and grouchy. I think the moral of the two stories is.....don't run late and to get to places earlier, that way we aren't running into Jordan's bed time and then everyone will be happy!

The two nights were great and I can't wait for next year! pride & joy