Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Jordan's Test Results

Last Friday we went to Primary Children's to have some tests done for Jordan. His pediatrician is concerned with his weight. The tests went better than I thought they would. He was more terrified and scrame the loudest as they hooked him up for the sweat chloride test, then the actual blood taking! Overall he did such a great job and was so brave.

As for the results, everything is fine!!!!!!!!!!!! Deep down we knew that everything would work out ok. I just needed peace of mind:)

My heart just goes out to everyone up at Primary's. I think the worst part for us was seeing all of the sick kids up there. I'm glad that we were blessed with a healthy little boy......we couldn't ask for anything more!

Friday, November 7, 2008

15 Month Appointment

Today was Jordan's 15 month appointment. Poor little guy was so excited to "go, go, go" when we left the house. This appointment was probably the worst when it came down to the shots. Usually he cries and doesn't like it (who could blame him), but this time it seemed worse. Poor little guy. It is so hard to watch them get their shots.

Other than that the appointment went ok. He is 18.2 pounds (looks like it will still be a while before he gets to face forward in the car!) and 30.1 inches tall. As far as the weight goes he is still underneath the growth chart and in height he is in the 25th percentile. So he is just a little guy.

The doctor does want us to go up to Primary Children's and have some tests done to make sure everything is going ok with him since he is so small. Glen and I feel good that nothing is wrong. We are still going to check into the tests just to have peace of mind. My mom keeps reminding me how small I was as a child and that her side of the family is also small. So hopefully all will go well when we get his tests done!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


This year Halloween was so much fun! I know that Glen and I looked forward to it this year probably more than we have for any other year. We were so dang excited that Jordan would be able to walk around in his cute little ninja costume and trick or treat!
First of all, I am so happy I had a picture taken of him in his costume before Halloween. I had such a hard time getting a good picture of him in his costume!

Jordan and I started the day off by visiting Grandma and Grandpa at work! Up above is a picture of Jordan's first trick or treat candy from Grandma. It is mini M&M's...his favorite!

Then we headed to my old work for some more trick or treat'n! I had a great time seeing everyone and showing off my little ninja! Jordan had a great time eating the Frankenstein marshmallow! I had to practically pry it out of his hands when it was time to go!

Then we went and visited Aunt Aubry & Catrina. After that, we went and saw his uncles and auntie M. And this was all before 1:00pm.....and the day still was far from being over!

Once we got home, we of course loaded up on more sugar! We found out that Jordan loves mom's sugar cookies!

Jordan had a great time trick or treating. He even held on to his pumpkin and sword the entire time!

At first he was nervous to run up to the doors with all the other kids...but as the night progressed, he became braver and braver. Towards the end of the night he would run right up to the door, not be shy about getting candy and would also yell something that sounded like "trick or treat" with all of the other kids!

We had such a great time and so did Jordan! I was sad when it was time to go in for the night. Jordan still had a great time though handing out candy to everyone who came to our door.

The next morning, I woke up ready to go trick or treating again! I can't wait for next year!

Carving Pumpkins

We got together with my family a few days before Halloween to carve the pumpkins we had found in the pumpkin patch! We had pizza and was a lot of fun!

Mom was great. She spent the entire time carving the tops of the pumpkins and once the gook from the inside was out, she'd clean them out in the sink.

I talked Glen into doing my dirty work......sweet hubby of mine cleaned out all of the innerds for me!

This time carving Jordan was more interested in exploring and eating tootsie rolls! He did manage to find some interest in Zack's pumpkin only lasted a few minutes.

Here is Jordan snooping and trying to steal my bag of flame'n hot cheetos!

I did manage to sneak in some loves during Jordan's busy adventures!

Everyone was so creative and did a great job with their pumpkins!

Randy and Megan's pumpkin!

Tyler carved out "Halloween"

Zack did a variety of different shapes.....all freehanded of course!

Wyatt made a swiss cheese pumpkin!

Madison's pumpkin had fun shapes!

All of us and our masterpieces!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What we've been up to.....

Here is a re-cap of what we have been up to the past few weeks.......

Trish and Terry's new home!!!

Once again, Jordan has made me proud, with his love for cleaning! While spending time at Trish and Terry's new home, Jordan always seems to make his way over to the cleaning supplies!

He also had a great time playing under the ladder....

and playing with his cousins in their box huts! I can't believe what a little boy he is becoming...he isn't my little baby anymore.

Here is a pic of Renner, Grandma & Jordan watching movies.

Boys will be boys! Jordan and Dad playing on Glen's works mini excavator.

Jordan Loves music and to Dance!
Jordan thinks Uncle Zack's headphones are so much fun to listen to!

Monkey See, Monkey Do....

Glen and I laughed so hard when we saw Jordan pick up Glen's inhailer, put it up to his mouth, and take a big breath in. It is amazing the little stuff that he picks up on!

Being Goofy with Cousin Renn and of course, cleaning!

While Trish and Terry have been packing, we've been watching Renn, which is great for Jordan. It has been wonderful having some for Jordan to play with. He is having a hard time sharing though. Finally Renn stood up to him, and tried to shut Jordan in the cupboard. Like any good mom, I grabbed the camera and took pictures!

Once in the cupboard, Jordan realized it was kind of fun sitting in there!

After the fun of the cupboard, Jodan decided to do some Fall cleaning. No wonder I can never find tissues when I need one:)

Jordan's first face painting

Jordan and I went with Aunti M to a work party for one of her friends moms. At the party was face painting. To be honest, I was nervous about Jordan sitting still while getting his face painted. But he was absolutely wonderful. He even sat still while I had my face painted! We got matching pumpkins!

Jordan's pumpkin!

We had a great time!

Too Cute!

Ok, so I can't remember if I've posted this picture or not, and I'm too lazy to check. It is so cute, I decided it wouldn't hurt to post it again. Here is a pic of Jordan and Glen. He is wearing his mittens for the first time. He thought it was the greatest thing in the world to get all bundled up and go outside with dad! pride & joy