Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Little Boy is Growing Up!!!

Ok, so this is going to be a super long post with a ton of pictures! It has been a little bit since my last post, and a lot has happened. It seems like Jordan grows, learns, and surprises us everyday! This is such a fun age. On Sat, Sep 13th, Jordan started walking. He still will crawl half the time, but he is getting better and better with each day. I think ever since we went to the fair, and he got a taste of how cool it is to walk, he has been going non-stop since then.
This is a picture of the first steps he took. He just started walking! He walked across the entire kitchen and front room that night!
Now that he can walk, he has become more and more daring. The other night we put his little blanky on top of his head (he couldn't see anything), and usually he pulls it off, but this time he didn't. He just took off walking anyways! Up above you can see him walking with a big red cup in his mouth. For some reason he has an obsession with cups, and putting things in his mouth while he crawls and now walks! He loves pushing & pulling his walker around, even if he can't see where he is going!

During last week, Jordan also learned how to blow kisses. He is so dang sweet when he does this! He is such a big ham...whenever we get done brushing his teeth, he likes to blow kisses to himself in the mirror! Not only does he like to blow kisses, he also LOVES to give loves! He especially loves to give hugs to his cousin Renner! Poor Ren gets a few hugs, rather he wants them or not, whenever Jordan see's him.

This hug was especially cute! Renner started caughing from some water he drank, and Jordan went rushing over to see if his buddy was ok....and of course give him some hugs!

Last week Jordan descovered that he likes Cheetos! Here's a cute picture of him sitting on Grandpa's lap eating Cheetos and wearing some glasses...he is such a cutie.

So we took Jordan to the park for his first time on Sunday, Sept 21st. He loved it. He was a little nervous to play on the toys and go down the slide, but with the help of dad he had a good time. The best was helping dad fly his helicopter. Jordan thought that it was the neatest thing ever to check out the helicopter and try to help control it! You can see him going "oooh" in the picture up above!

So we are almost done...just a two more events that happened this week! This was a busy week for new and exciting milestones and adventures!

So a week ago Jordan was completely against shoes! He would throw them as far as he could so they would be no where near him. He also scrame bloody murder anytime he saw them. With major praise and excitement towards shoes (and putting them on him screaming or not) he now likes shoes...not quite to loving them, but he is on his way! Above is a picture of him wearing his Nike's for the first time! His Nike's was one of the first gifts he got while still in my belly once we found out he was going to be a little guy! Grandma & Grandpa Schiffman thought that he was going to wear them long ago, but with him being a tiny guy, it has paid off because now he gets to wear and use them for his first walking adventures!

The other day we played outside while waiting for dad to get home from work. This was the day of the Nike Adventures! Above is a picture of him looking down the street for dad!

While waiting we practiced going up and down the front steps. Ever since he started to walk, he thinks he can go up and down like a big boy on his feet without any help.......which is scary. All of a sudden he has no fear! We also found that it is super fun to crush leaves with our shoes! So we crushed leaves, gathered leaves, held leaves and even tried to eat the leaves...which we found out don't taste the best!

After playing with the leaves he found out that the world looks kind of neat upsidedown!

It's amazing what kind of adventures you can have in Nike shoes! Once Dad got home, and we got cleaned up for bed, we had to do one more leaf adventure! I'm not sure where this kid gets it from, but he just LOVES the outside!
We kept his last special leaf he found to put in his scrapbook!
Last, but not least, is his watering adventure!

Today we went outside, again while waiting for Dad to get home from work, to water the flowers. When we first went out he really was fully dressed! But when I started watering the flowers, and by a big surprise, Jordan decided he wanted to play with the water. Normally him and cold water does not go well together, but today it was different. So we striped down so he could play and be a boy. I think that is one of my flaws...I have a tough time letting him get dirty and be a boy! He picked up the hose and tried watering the flowers like I was. He did a great job!

Once Dad got home, Jordan showed him how he was watering the flowers and also played in the water!

Jordan and Dad were also silly and tried to drink the water!

Once all of the fun was done, and we had to go inside, Jordan was not happy. Another new trick Jordan has learned is how to throw tantrums...and I must admit, he is pretty dang good at them! He did not want to come in what so ever, and he sure let us know!

I can't believe all of this happened within the last week and a half! Every new milestone and adventure is very exciting and scary. My little boy is growing up so fast! I can't wait to see what the next few weeks will bring!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Utah State Fair

So I know this is my second post for the day, but a lot has happened the past few days!

Last night we went to the fair. We had a great time....especially Jordan. He discovered that walking is great. Even though he can't walk by himself yet, he sure wanted to hold our hands and do all the walking himself!

Jordan thought that the tigers were really neat! awe sat and watched them for a long time...he kept on saying "oooh"

He also loved looking through all of the cutouts. Grandma kept saying what a ham he was for the camera!

We also checked out the pic his uncle Zack drew of him! He took 4th place at the fair! His uncle Zack has also taken many 1st place & Princaple awards for his pictures in the past...including this one of Jordan!

While at the fair, Jordan really thought all of the rides, bungee jumps & the big yellow slide were really neat. I can't wait for next year until he is big enough to go on some rides and do more things!

Hang'n at Grandma & Pa's for the Weekend!

While Glen went camping with some of his buddies from high school, Jordan and I went and hung out at Grandma & Pa's for the weekend. We had a good time! While there we did lots of fun stuff like shopping, eating out, playing with his uncles and aunt, and he even got a new pair of shoes (which he hated to wear!)

The first time we put his shoes on him he screamed & screamed. Once we took them off he was as happy as could be. He even sent them flying across the room so we couldn't put them back on!

Once Jordan figured out that shoes weren't too bad to have on when playing outside he was just a little ok wearing them! He had fun being able to play without scraping his little toes!

Jordan also had such a great time on the swingset with Uncle Wyatt! pride & joy