Monday, May 25, 2009

We are having a BABY!

Just to let everyone know, we are expecting baby number 2! We are due December 10th...hello Christmas baby! I am almost 12 weeks along and starting to feel much better. I have been more tired and sick with this one than with Jordan. But still, can't complain, I have overall (so far...knock on wood) had a great pregnancy.

We had our first appointment a few weeks ago, and all is going well. The doctor rolled in a portable ultra sound machine and I got to see our new little baby & hear the heart beat! It was amazing! Too bad Glen had to work and miss time sweetie, love you!

We are so blessed that we didn't have quite as hard of a time with this baby, as we did with Jordan. I have always wanted to have our kids close. Jordan and the baby will be about 2 years and 4 months appart...I will take it!
Glen, Jordan and I couldn't be happier! We will keep everyone updated as things progress!
(Beautiful flowers Glen brought home the day we found out...what a sweet heart!)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Today was beautiful outside!

Today was such a great day to be outside. I really enjoy when it isn't too hot or too cold. I just sat back and relaxed (of course took pictures) while Jordan played.

He accomplished many great tasks today.

He learned how to climb up the playset by himself!
What a cute little bum!
Once at the top he enjoyed rolling the ball down the slide!
I guess it's tough work being a he had to take a break!

Then he came over and tried to pull me over to play on the slide with him!

Jordan figured that the stump on the tree would be a wonderful place to sit and relax!

Then he sat and smelled the flowers from his new seat!

He had such a great time with all of the blossoms!

And pushing the car around!

At one point he fell out of the car....

....then he got up and brushed himself off! (it was super cute)

He played cars!

He looks irritated that I had him take time out to take a picture.
He also explored over by the garden. I really don't like him playing in dirt and need to remind myself that he is a little boy. But my heart did melt a little each time he would brush the dirt off his hands with a disgusted look on his face. pride & joy