Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It's a Girl!!!

So on Glen's birthday we found out that we are going to be having a precious baby girl! When we went in, she did not want to cooperate. She was trying to sleep and wanted to be curled up in a ball. After trying to get a definite gender check, the ultra sound lady decided that we better go and get a coke and walk around for a while to try and get her awake. At that time we were thinking girl, but needed to get some better pics. After walking around and drinking a coke, we went back and got some really great pics and confirmed that we are having a girl!!! I have her ultra sound pics and will post them later (when I figure out how to scan them in!).
When we left the hospital, of course we had to go right out and buy her some cloths. We had a time restraint (but of course that didn't stop us), and the closest store was Target. We both picked out a cute little outfit.
(Actually, this was her first outfit. We got it a few weeks ago. It was just darling and I fell in love with it...we thought that we would "think pink". Last time with Jordan we "thinked pink" and had to spend an entire day returning outfits. No returning this time!!!)

(This is the outfit that Glen picked out.)

(This is the outfit I picked out...sorry, for some reason I can't get the pic to turn the right way on the blog.)

That weekend we went to the Tooele Art Festival. Can I say scary for someone who has a little bit of cash, just found out she is having a little girl, has always wanted to shop for a little girl, and is surrounded by darling homemade bows & headbands for little girls! Needless to say the cash didn't last that long. I really need to find my inner self control since I still have 5 more months to go...this could get expensive:) I really need to learn how to make bows for her...if anyone knows how, has any tips, etc, please let me know!
(The bow in the bottom left hand corner is the one Glen picked out for his outfit. Later, we figured out it is really black and not brown, so, of course I needed to get one with brown to match the outfit. So We got the one in the top right hand corner to go with it. Naturally we didn't return the other one. It is so cute and I will just have to find an outfit to match!)
It was fun though, even Glen had a good time looking and actually was the one who picked out her first little bow to match the outfit he picked out. For being a guy, he has wonderful taste...heck, I may have to share dressing and picking out her outfits with him:) I love that Glen is such a great daddy and so involved in mine, Jordan's and now our precious little girl's lives.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Scottish Festival

Every year I look forward to going to the Scottish Festival. It is the second weekend in June at Thanksgiving Point. I have always had a liking for bag pipe music, kilts & Scotland. I would love to go back there again someday. Heck, I would move there if I could:) I will have to pull out my Scotland pics another day and post them (they were done on an old school camera with film!).

Usually we work the entire festival, but this year we went to it and worked it. We were able to go Friday night, and then worked Snowie on Saturday.
On Friday Jordan had such a great time there.
He enjoyed "Celtic Mint" ice cream....
Was a big helper by pushing his stroller....
Every so often he would stop and fix his wheels, not quite sure why, but it was sweet....
And enjoyed dancing with me to the band!
Once the clouds started looking really angry, we decided it was time to go! Once we got in the car it started to down pour!

Nice call on heading out when we did sweetie!

On Saturday Glen and I worked Snowie. I always enjoy working them with Glen. Glen is such a sweetheart and puts up with me and my Scottish fetish. I can't help but get teary-eyed when I hear or see the bag pipers! I think it stems from watching them with my Pa when I was a little girl. He was also intrigued by them.
Of course, Saturday was such a stormy day. At one point it rained so hard even the cover of the Snowie building didn't keep us dry and we were drenched! I loved how the bag pipers still played in the rain and marched to their competition sites. At one point, right before "the big" down pour, one clan was marching so bravely in the rain.

Once they passed us and the big down pour hit, they all took off running for cover. It was both sad & funny to watch. Moments before they were so bravely sticking out the storm...I guess it got to be too much....and I don't blame them:)
Next year I would like to just go to the entire festival and not work it. They have all sorts of great dancing, bands and sports. I was lucky to see a little bit of one of the sports this year. They were tossing small bales of hay with a pitch fork over a high pole! Thanks sweetie for watching the booth so I could have a little fun.
Until next June.....

Monday, June 8, 2009

Baby appointment #2!

On Friday we had our second baby appointment. Luckily Glen & Jordan were able to go with me this time. As I was getting weighed and what not, Jordan was eating some smarties with Glen. Our Doctor, Dr Hansen, asked Jordan for some, and Glen said that he just looked at him and laughed. Funny kid. I guess he thinks it is funny if you think he will share his smarties with you!
Everything is good. We got to see the baby moving and kicking on the little portable ultra sound machine.
We will find out what we are having on July 9th! It is driving me crazy that we could find out 2 weeks earlier. We will be on vacation one of the weeks and then the doctor will be on vacation the following week.
As of right now we are 13 weeks and 4 days! According to my baby books the baby is about 2 1/2 to 3 inches long and the size of a peach. We have a baby peach! I just love reading each week where the baby is and how it is progressing and growing. Also, where I should be as well. I love being pregnant, it is such a wonderful experience!

Jordan....my pride & joy