Friday, October 24, 2008

1 year old pictures

So we finally got Jordan's one year pictures done...and they turned out great! Originally we went to Kiddie Kandids a week or so after his one year birthday (August). Our first attempt didn't go over very well. He was super tired and didn't work well with the photographer! Attempt number 2 didn't go as well either. We did get some ok pictures, but we were there for about 3 hours...and that is without looking at the pictures and ordering. By about that time, we decided we would come back another time to look and pick out the pictures we wanted! We tried to go in and take a look at them, but once again waited an hour or we left.

As time went on, we never quite made it back in to pick the pictures we wanted. Honestly, I really wasn't excited about them anyways. They just didn't capture who Jordan is. Luckily, Jordan had won a free package from Carma Gray, a photographer out here in Eagle Mountain, from winning second place in the Cute Baby Contest during Pony Express Days. So we decided to take advantage of the free package!

I am so glad that we did. She did a wonderful job...and even in under an hour! It was wonderful how she got on his level. First she let him walk around and get comfortable with his surroundings. Then she got down on the ground with him and played with him. It was nice to see him smile and be captured how he really is.

After having such a great experience with a local photographer, that is actually in the business for the love of photography, I am hooked. I don't plan on going to a big photography chain again.

Here is a picture of Jordan and his frog....he sure does love his froggy!

Even though his pictures weren't taken when he was twelve months, but rather closer to 14 months, it was well worth it. She also took the cute picture of him in his ninja costume that is up above!

Pumpkin Patch

On Oct 17th, we went to the pumpkin patch near my parents house in Riverton. We decided it would be fun for Jordan to pick out a pumpkin! Plus my family needed to pick out pumpkins for themselves. It was a lot of fun and a great experience for Jordan...and another opportunity for me to take a million pictures! Everyone was a good sport as I took their picture by the tractor!

Me, Glen & Jordan

Glen & Jordan

My mom, me & Madison


Mom & Dad

It was also a very special day for was her 13th birthday! Happy Birthday babycakes. I love you!

At first we tried putting Jordan in the wheel barrow...but he didn't like it very much. He held onto Glen's finger the entire time (he was only in there for about 30 seconds!). Jordan decided he was better off walking himself! He enjoyed walking with Dad & Auntie M!

While on our pumpkin patch adventure we discovered many things....

Jordan loves to play with sticks!

He showed Grandpa his many treasures he found!

He also tried out some of the pumpkins!

Finally he found the "one"! It was a perfect match for him! Just the right size for him to sit on by himself and take a break.

He was so cute with his pumpkin that Grandma & Grandpa had to get it for him. His pumpkin has become a piece of furniture in our living room. On occasion he will sit on his pumpkin, and his new thing is trying to pick it up!

It also makes for a wonderful Binky holder! I love that my kid is so creative!

Here is Jordan loving his pumpkin. You can barely see it underneath his frog & blanket! Too cute!

Who knew a little boy could love his pumpkin so much!

Big Boxes are amazing!!!

Recently Jordan has discovered a wonderful new toy......a big box! While working at Trish & Terry's home, the kids have had a great time playing with the big appliance boxes.

Renner, Bridger, Sawyer & Jordan being goofy in the box. It's like a clown car...they just keep coming out:)

Traffic Jam!!!

Jordan & Ren

Bridger trying to put up "walls" as the little babyzilla's keep knocking them down!

Jordan & Uncle Aaron hiding out!

Secret hide out!
Sawyer even found time to read in the box!

Besides playing in the awesome boxes, Jordan enjoyed being a big helper!

Jordan helping Dad

Jordan helping Aunt Trisha clean

Jordan helping Uncle Aaron with the power tools!
Between all of the helping, Jordan even found time to do some snooping!

It is amazing how some of the greatest toys and novalties of life, are usually just every day household items!

Pumpkin carving with the cousins

It has been a few years since we've carved pumpkins. So we decided to have a little pumpkin party (B.Y.O.P.)! It was a lot of fun. Glen's parents, Nate, Aaron, Trish & Terry and their kids, Bridger, Sawyer & Ren came over for dinner and some carving! This was Jordan's first time with pumpkins! He was such a big helper and enjoyed doing what the big kids were doing!

He didn't even mind touching the slimey insides!

Bridger and Sawyer had a great time designing & carving their own pumpkins!
They then showed off their artwork with their scary Halloween faces!

Jordan and Glen were proud of their masterpiece!

After the fun was all done, Jordan brushed his teeth and went to bed. It was quite the exhausting night!

Did I mention he just had to use Dad's toothbrush!

St George Trip......a few weeks ago!

So the past few weeks have been filled with a ton of fun and exciting adventures. Every week is such a great milestone when it comes to our family. Since it has been a while since my last family update (usually always bragging about Jordan), I thought I better get everyone updated!

Several weeks ago, Jordan and I went to St George with my family. We went down to see "Big River" at the Tuacahan. The ride down went better than I thought it would go.

Jordan had a great time watching Barney and playing with his flashcards.

He also enjoyed his McDonalds happymeal a little too much!

While in St George, Jordan played in the playground at McDonalds for the first time, courtesy of his Uncle Wyatt & Auntie M.

Before we went to St George, Jordan was walking a little wobbly and only about 60% of the time. After the trip he came back a new boy...he now walks everywhere he goes and only crawls for fun every once and a while!

Also during the trip, we found out that Jordan loves to play video games and LOVES his sunglasses. He wore them everywhere..........

...while playing two video games at once with his Uncle Tyler...... the pool with Auntie M, in the car....

...and also while walking around in the condo!

Jordan also had such a great time with his Uncles and Auntie M. He really loves and admires them...and I think they love him quite a bit as well!

Jordan trying to take Auntie M's sucker!

Uncle Wyatt feeding him fruit!

Walking with Uncle Zack!

Hang'n out with Uncle Tyler!

Exploring with Uncle Wyatt & Zack!
We also met a new friend, well not really a friend but more of an interest. We found a big spider on the pathway up to the pool! He had to be part of the trianchula family. We were all terrified of walking past it!

The spider was very tall and was the length of a pop can!
The trip was a lot of fun and everyone had a great time! Thanks Mom & Dad! pride & joy