Friday, March 13, 2009

Backyard Adventure!

Not often do I say "I'm glad it is getting warmer"! Normally I enjoy Fall & Winter. Fall to me isn't ever long enough! I'm not someone who particularly enjoys being outside. I still enjoy camping, going for walks, etc, but for me to enjoy and want to go outside, the weather has to be perfect. The temp needs to be about 75 degrees with no wind! I also really enjoy stormy days. The gloomier looking the better.

I have always wanted to be an outdoors person no matter the weather. I always find myself doing activities inside and being content with staying inside. I enjoy being comfortable without having to sweat from the heat, shiver from the cold, not be able to see because the wind is blowing my hair into my face etc. I do love to open the blinds and the windows, but that is as far as it goes.

Having Jordan is going to make me become an outside person. He LOVES the outside...not sure where he got it from? Every morning, he points to his window and says "go"! If he sees his coat, jacket, shoes, or my coat, jacket or shoes, it is all over. He has to "go" right there and then.
(poor kid, can't get his mom to cut his hair)
Today has been a nice day. So I thought, well I better suck it up and take Jordan outside. I'm glad that we did. He (and I) had a blast. He was dang cute. He loved playing with the ball and saying ball, peeking through the slits in the fence at the neighbor's dogs and saying "woof woof" and just being a goof ball.
(I guess it is ok to be a "Peeping Tom" when you are this little and cute!)
At one point I looked over at him and he was laying on his ball giving it loves. Dang cute. Of course I couldn't get the camera in time. Finally, I was able to get him to re-inact it. Not as cute as the original time, but still cute. As I was trying to get him to give the ball loves again, at first he would run up to be and give me sweet! I love my little tender heart!

Here are some of the other pics I took of our backyard adventure today.
Jordan loves going up and down stairs. Normally not a problem. Except in our back yard there is no railing on either side, and he hasn't quite figured out that when he steps backwards or sits down from crawling up, he needs to be aware of where the edge is! Of course, these steps are his favorite to crawl up!
Kicking the ball. Looks like our hopes of him playing soccer one day are looking good!
Like his Napoleon Dynamite boots! At least I didn't tuck his pant legs in! He really wanted to wear them......and of course, mom gave in! pride & joy