Tuesday, December 2, 2008

1st Hair cut......kind of!

Well, we finally decided to get Jordan's hair cut. Well, just the bangs. The poor kid most of the time couldn't see anything because his bangs were in his eyes. I couldn't get myself to cut the back yet. His curls are way too precious and I don't know what I would do without them!

Of course I had to do a photo shoot showcasing his beautiful hair before it was cut. At the time, I wasn't sure on how short it was going to be cut!

Jordan had a great time as I was taking pictures......he is such a ham. He had fun washing his feet in the sink!

We went to Glen's sisters hair stylist. She did a great job with both mine and Jordan's hair. He wouldn't sit in the chair by himself, so Glen also got to sit in the hot seat!
The first snip of hair! Unfortuntly I didn't save any hair. I talked to her about saving some, but there really wasn't enough cut to keep anything.

So I decided on only triming the bangs and just cleaning up the back......just a little:)

At first he was dang mad, then he went into a transe!

Finally he was all done, and didn't know what to think! At least he could see again!

After we got home I called my family to tell them about his hair cut. Of course I had to tell them we chopped it all off! My poor mom and all the times I've tried to trick her! She couldn't believe that I had "cut it all off" and yelled to the kids and my dad in the background about what I had done. I heard nothing but complaints through the phone. Then my sister got on and chewed me out, then my brother Wyatt got on the phone and said the cutest thing. He told me that he couldn't believe I had cut his curls, and that "his curls was his Jordan"! I didn't have the heart to continue with the story so I told him the truth. They were all very relieved!

November in a nut shell.......

November was a fun and busy month! Here are a few of the highlights......

Jordan and his buddy Renn being pushed around by Bridger and Sawyer in their box cars! I had to keep Jordan's box around for weeks! I was finally able to sneak it out!

Here is Jordan and his cousins again, sitting in the back of the Jeep! It is so much fun and crazy to see Jordan turning into a little boy......he just loves being like the big kids!

For Jordan, thanks to Grandma & Pa, Christmas came early! My parents babysat for us one evening, when I went to pick him up, he had a new toy. The original plan was to show him the toy, my parents were way excited, and then to put it away and forget about it until Christmas. Well, as we left, he tried picking it up to bring home with us. My parents couldn't say no! He has loved it ever since. That night he woke up out of a sound sleep and played with it from midnight until 2 am. Thanks Glen for playing with him while I slept:)

Jordan has always loved music and dancing. Uncle Aaron gave Jordan his old headphones! He loves to walk around with them dancing. Glen also likes to give him his ipod to listen to. He is so dang cute! I keep telling Glen that hopefully he doesn't break it....or is that the plan to get a new one...Hmmm?

Now, I think this is fine, but others might not. People will have to give me their input on this. While at my parents Jordan decided he wanted to take care of Missie's baby. He was so dang cute and sweet with them. He loved that they both had a binky! He would share his with the baby and visa versa.

He also gave the baby kisses......

...and loves. When we left he brought home one of Missie's baby's to take care of. He takes good care of him. He will rock him, give him loves and kisses. I think that it is really sweet!
Last, but not least, we have conquered the stairs......well, kindof! As of now, we no longer put up our gate! Yay, I hated putting up, down and climbing over that dang thing! Life is so much easier without the gate! He does really good with them, besides when he tries to drag things up and down, then he has a problem. If I could do it all over again, I would teach him stairs sooner. I was always afraid of him with the stairs, so I would keep the gate up. He learned how to walk before we started to practice the stairs. So he decided he could walk down them like we did....and that didn't go over very well! So a few tumbles, and hours of practice later, he is on his way to becoming a pro.
He has decided that it is neat to play on the landing between the set of stairs! He also has learned a new word "light". He loves looking at the stair light. He will sit there and say "light, light" over and over. He does take after his dad!

Jordan....my pride & joy