Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hopefully sooon!

Lately I have been horrible at blogging. The last month or so we have been cleaning, going through boxes, packing and moving. Now that we are almost moved, we have more cleaning, going through boxes, un-packing, notifying and address changing. We have moved in with my in-laws. Luckily they are generous enough to take us in and let us invade their mother-in-law apartment.

Normally I love moving. I love getting rid of stuff, cleaning, and having a fresh new start. This time we have had to remodel and get our new place ready for us. Which has been a fun and tiring adventure. Also, I can't believe we have accumulated so much crap! We are downsizing quite a bit, so we have had to get rid of, D.I., and store a lot of things. Not to mention, normally it is just Glen and I...... Now that we have Jordan, it is like taking two steps forward, and then one step back again. I had no clue he could pack & unpack boxes as fast as he can. Rather I am ready for him or not, he is busy trying to help. I just hope that his desire to help out and clean will continue throughout his life! Oh, but that is probably just a mothers dream. So needless to say, I get most of my work done during his nap & bed times.

I can't wait until I'm not living out of boxes and are able to move from one end of our place to the other without dodging obstacles. That way we can get back to life how it was before the move. I also haven't found my camera yet :) Hopefully it won't be long until I can get back to taking pics of my cute little boy & start blogging again! pride & joy