Saturday, September 19, 2009


Normally I have a tough time convincing Glen to go anywhere that will be crowded. Since we have had Jordan, it has become easier and easier to convince him. He is a good dad and doesn't want him to miss out on anything and knows what a joy it would bring to him to go.
This year at the State Fair was no exception. Besides being crowded, we all had such a great time. Jordan LOVED the animals, the sounds, smells, the colors, etc of the fair. He was such a good boy and enjoyed every minute of it.
Here he is pretty much pulling his hair out in excitement!
His favorite was the animals. Even though he knows the sounds of what animals make, for some reason that night, everything was a cow, or a "Mooooo". He mooed at the sheep, goats, pigs and of course the cows. He would get so excited that he would cover his mouth and giggle, point and get excited and clap. He would clap his hands together and try to get the cows to come and see him like you would call a puppy dog to come to you. He was even brave and petted them, which I honestly didn't think he would do.
Here he is covering his mouth and giggling in excitement
Clapping and trying to get the cows to come to him
Petting the cow
One of his, and my highlights, was watching him ride a pony. I was nervous at first, thinking that he wouldn't want to get on, but he did with no problem. Glen walked with him just to make sure everything was ok.
At first, he was embarrassed as I was clapping for him as he went around the first time. As you can see he gave me quite the dirty look.
As he went around and around he was able to ignore me and his embarrassment and enjoy himself. He had such a great time.
I really enjoyed watching him on the horse, he was so cute. Just picture an already emotional mom, now with raging hormones, getting excited at one moment and almost in tears (tears of joy) the next moment while watching him. No wonder he was giving me dirty looks at the beginning!
It was cute to see Jordan take Glen's hand and check out everything the fair had to offer. It was cute because Jordan just couldn't walk, he had a skip to every step from all of his excitement.
Another highlight for Jordan was watching the rides. He wanted to go on all of the big kid rides so bad. At one point Glen had to chase him down, because he tried getting in line for one of them. I think if he would have been big enough, and we would have let him, he would have definitely gotten on. I'm not sure he would have liked it, but he sure would have liked to have tried. It is looking like one day I will have a thrill ride partner!
Overall the night was really good. We got there late, so we really didn't stay long. I really can't wait for the fair to come next year! pride & joy