Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dirty looks...gotta love them!

Jordan has now truly mastered the art of pouting and the dirty look. Yesterday I told Jordan that we needed to change his diaper and get him ready for the day...and that is all it took. He did not agree with the plans that I had in store for him, and he let me know it through great facial expressions. Poor kid, all I could do was laugh and take pictures, and even after all that, Mom won. He still had to get changed and dressed for the day. I even found myself egging him on a little so I could get some great pictures. Enjoy, I did!

At one point he thought it would be more effective to turn around completely and ignore me. It didn't last long. He couldn't help but turn around and give me the look again.

Later that night he was giving the same great looks to Glen. I'm glad that he thought they were just as cute and couldn't keep from laughing as well. I guess we are going to have to work on it.

School & best hubby ever!

Monday I started school. A little nervous starting school after taking a few year break. It was challenging before, but now I've added a 2 year old and a pregnancy. I will be 24 weeks to due during the duration of this semester, so I am a little bit nervous. It felt great though to get out of the house and go/do something on my own (usually I have a cute 2 year old munchkin holding onto me). Granted, I do technically have one kid with me, but she is pretty good at this point:)
I have one class on campus, and one class online. I will be starting that one tonight. I just hope I can keep up my motivation for the online class, since I don't have to meet in a class room once a week.
My sweet hubby has been and is such a support. When I woke up Monday morning, there was a sweet note attached to my backpack. Love you sweetie!

I am also proud and excited for him. Glen is also going back to school, after a long time. I'm excited for this new adventure, and that we will both be experiencing going back to school together!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Jordan's 2 year pictures

A few weeks ago we had Jordan's 2 year pictures done. Like last year we went to Carma Gray Photography ( ). She did a wonderful job again. It is nice to have someone who will work with Jordan, especially since he can be hard to work with. In between Jordan being shy, getting nervous, crying & not wanting to work with anyone, and just wanting to play instead of pose (where was my "cheese" guy when I needed him) she was able to get these amazing pictures of him.

During the session, and one of his crying fits, we were able to get him to be happy by putting Glen's glasses on and giving him his binky. Needless to say, we were able to get this cute picture from that.

Of course he had to get a picture with his George.

I am really glad his pictures turned out so great! I love my cute little boy!


So my little guy really is a big ham. Today he came and pulled me into the kitchen, he had his chair set up with George on it and told me "cheeese". Then he sat down and smiled and waited for me to get the camera and take the picture.

Don't mind the crazy bed head hair and pajamas...we hadn't gotten ready yet for the day:)

Then after his picture, he set George up and wanted me to take George's picture.

Heck, maybe I have a photographer in the making:) I just love that he likes me to take his picture.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Jordan's 2 year well visit

Today was Jordan's 2 year well visit. I always enjoy these visits, well until shot time. I love to see how he's doing and progressing and what we have to look forward to next. As we walked in today, he didn't want to take off his sunglasses, or did he want to take them off for his weigh in. So we stripped him down to his diaper & glasses. He weighed in at 22.13 pounds. He is finally on the growth chart now. Before this appointment he was below, now he is in the 3rd percentile. In height he is in the 50th percentile at 34.5 inches. Overall he did really good when it came to the shot and flu mist.
The doctor says that he looks good and healthy. But we need to give him some tough love on getting him to eat more than his usual 4 things that he will only eat. Also, that it would help with his talking and playing if he were to play with other kids his own age and get involved in some play groups. We tend to be content playing at home ourselves. He is a super big Mommy's boy. If anyone has any ideas, playgroups or wants to do a play date, let me know!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

These last few weeks have been fun, stressful and busy.

We had our 20 week ( I am actually 22 weeks) doctor appointment and ultra sound. Everything is looks good and she is still a girl. They measured everything and she comes in at about 16 oz. She has all of her limbs, her heart looks good, her spine looks great and so does everything else they checked. They couldn't get a well enough look to rule out cleft lip, but as far as the ultra sound lady could tell, she looks fine. So I have to go in for another ultra sound next month. Which I don't mind. I really love having ultra sounds and seeing my sweet baby girl move. She definitely is more of a mover than I remember Jordan being at this stage of the pregnancy. I absolutely love feeling her move! I need to figure out how to scan pictures on to the computer so I can show off her cute ultra sound pics. My next appointment is on August 31st, and I can't wait.

Also my little boy is now 2! I really can't believe how fast time goes by. I have gotten teary-eyed the past few days with my little guy growing up...not quite sure if it is just because I am an emotional person to begin with, if it is the mom in me, or the pregnant hormones....or maybe a little bit of all three! I am really excited to experience the next mile stone to age three with him now (it also helps that I will have a new baby girl to take place as being my newborn and baby). He has been so much fun up to now, and continues to be such a sweet and fun boy. I will have to also post pics and more detail of his special day.

Also, Glen and I have decided to go back to school this fall. It has been such a stress and hassle getting everything figured out. Both Glen and I in the past have made some bad decisions with school. Which now is coming back to haunt us in getting our financial aid and school loans. Fortunately, they have decided to give me another chance and grant me financial aid. Which is great and not so great. I was only planning on taking one online class this semester. I will be 6 months pregnant starting school and be due the week of finals. Not sure if I'm up to it, but I will have to be. I have to have at least 2 classes (6 credit hours) to be eligible for student loans and financial aid. Now I will be doing one online course, and one course at the U. I'm not excited to have to walk the hills in the cold 9 months pregnant, but that is what is going to have to be since they don't offer all the courses I need to take online. Unfortunately, Glen was not granted the financial aid we needed, making it even more important that I do school so he can also do school. We can't afford to do school on our own, so this is our only choice. One good thing is that his boss is being great to work with. He is going to cut back hours at work so he can do school, and still be able to keep insurance....which is wonderful and a must for us right now! I am also going to have to check with my professors and make sure they will work with me in case I go into labor early or during finals. Hopefully all will work out.

I am also wondering if I can get any advice. I am a little nervous doing school so far along in pregnancy and having finals at the time of my due date. Has anyone, or if you know anyone, done school pregnant? If so, how did it go, and is there any advice you can give? Also, am I crazy to try and take on a two year old, a pregnancy (possible newborn) and school all at the same time, all when my husband will also be trying to go back to school as well? pride & joy