Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

So my parents have taken Jordan to this little pumpkin patch by their house a few times already this year, and he just loves it. Today, after a fun filled day of visiting and trick or treating my old work, Grandma's work and my baby doctor's office, we decided to check it out and see what all the fuss was about. Once we pulled into the parking lot he started to freak out and get so excited. "Pumpkin!" "Tractor!" As soon as he was out of the car, he led Missie over to the patch and started filling up his wheel barrel like an old pro. We went on a hay ride (I was informed that Grandma & Grandpa usually take him on it twice, and we only took him once), sat on tractors and found pumpkins and corn to put in the mini wheel barrel. Despite the blistering cold, it was so much fun and he was so much fun to watch there. I can't wait to go back (possibly several times) next year. Here are some of the cute pics I took while we were there....
I love that he actually posed a few times for me, and even said "cheese".
Daddy and Jordan...I love this pic.

Jordan, Grandma & Grandpa

Jordan, Mommy & Daddy

Walking with his Missie

As we drove off, just a little down the street, we looked back and he was out! He had such a big day and he was such a big boy...I am very proud of how well he did.

Here's a picture of my cute little tiger out trick or treating today! I can't wait to carve his pumpkin and take him out on Halloween.

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